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When you attend a session with us, you join our community of HR professionals who are seeking the space to be able to re-invigorate their thinking, gain clarity and share ideas and issues with their peers. You will benefit from our specialist session design, facilitation and expertise.

Peer Panels are at the very heart of The HR Agenda and they're what makes everyone motivated and excited. Facilitated by our expert coaches, and benefiting from a strong cohort of peers, these sessions always deliver what is needed. We explain fully and practise the skills needed to hold a productive thinking environment and give everyone an opportunity to explore their own important issues.

Bring your thoughts, concerns and energy and we will supply everything else. Leave the suit at home for the day!



"I found this time absolutely invaluable. I knew I needed to think differently so I overcame my initial scepticism and discovered invaluable techniques to help me embrace new ways to approach all kinds of issues. The whole experience gave me vital time out of my day to step back and process the things that were worrying me. It also gave me the perspective to realise they were not as scary as I had originally thought."

V Fricker, PwC


We are sure you have questions for us - please email and organise a time for a proper chat so we can go through your thoughts and questions together