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Debra is the founder and owner of The HR Agenda. Debra is known for her free-flowing style and curiosity – sessions are never dull and reflect her humour and light touch. 


She's also the best person to contact if you would like to explore the idea of joining our community. 

Founder & facilitator


Layla works closely with Debra as her thinking and delivery partner to ensure that The HR Agenda provides a personal and seamless experience.


She loves to organise and problem solve – so she’s the one to contact about the nitty gritty!




Jan is a specialist in Neuroscience and its applicationin Leadership. With a masters in NeuroLeadership and having worked as COO at an investment bank, she offers a huge amount of experience in leadership and practical business issues. Jan is the author of several books on the application of neuroscience in business and career success.

Jan presents at one of our first few sessions to support our participants in thinking about how they, and others think!




Scott has worked in over 200 organisations around the world, delivering transformation and change programmes and keynote speeches within multiple sectors. He is also a published scientist, poet and writer and has won awards for consulting, training and speaking, as well as his contribution to Scottish music. 


He is challenging, thought-provoking and often offers an unexpected point of view. He says that he has "strong opinions, gently held" meaning that he is completely open to exploration, discussion and change. His delivery style is visually impactful, carefully evidenced-based and delivered with humour. Entertaining is a given and no two presentations are ever the same.

Scott is particularly concerned with how we manage what he calls the “inner work” of our relationships, organisations and cultures. He is passionate about studying the use of mindful practices at home and work, as well as the application of arts and academia in the corporate world.




Giles is an experienced HR and recruitment professional who now works as a freelance consultant, strategist, and coach. He started his career as a technology recruitment consultant and later joined IBM as a recruitment officer. He eventually became an HR Business Partner for IBM UK’s largest strategic business unit, and has since worked in other senior HR roles, advised at board level, designed HR strategies and solutions, and has thoroughly enjoyed travelling extensively whilst working!


Giles is passionate about technology, the value of people networks and the future of work. He is keen to develop Digital HR as a business practice and is active in the social technology space. Giles is a self-confessed “work geek” and is fascinated by how work is changing, how organisations are redefining what an organisation is, and how people are redefining careers.